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  • harry potter crystal ball
    Crystal Ball

    An interesting game with some crystal balls. You have to guess things about Harry Potter. There is something magical and mysterious in this game. Find out what the evil witches brew.

  • harry potter fight the death eaters
    Fight Death

    In this game you have to face death with magic wand of main person. Enemies will come at you and you must defend yourself. Use the mouse to send electric waves. Do not be afraid, is just a game.

  • harry potter goblet fire
    Goblet Fire

    The bus just left Azkaban prison with evil witches who are ready to attack. Your mission is to drive the bus on the streets of London. We must stop to embark passengers then go to the destination.

  • harry potter hermione dressup

    You have this beautiful couple, Harry and Hermione, you have to arrange. You have all the makeup and clothes necessary to make it look nice. Let your imagination free to make new look.

  • harry potter galleon

    A new fun game which includes gems and coins, which have to catch the pair of three or more objects. When you catch these things, enable some powers that need to pick up.

  • harry potter magical eye
    Magical Eye

    All you have to do is to remain unseen by the evil eye. As more remain hidden, the more you get more points. Also have to avoid those creatures controlled by eye, try to collect all items.

  • harry potter magic words
    Magic Words

    It is a game of dress. You have a few outfits chosen for him. Dress elegantly for your taste. Select on the menu different clothing items you can add to his wardrobe.

  • harry-potter-marauder

    Your mission is to complete several maze level. Collect different objects and points to help you move on. You need to stay away from some bad characters who can turn in your way.

  • harry potter personality quiz

    Let's see how many know about your favorite actor. This game offers countless questions about his character. Put your mind in motion and show that you are a true fan.

  • harry potter quidditch

    Be ready for this great quidditch game. You are on a broom wizard and must fly. Aim the circles and shoot with your balls on it. It is a bit tricky but you will adjust after a few playing minutes.

  • harry potter staircase

    It is night, all students are put to bed. But you've sneaked the school stairs in search of problems. Must return to your bedroom without being seen by anyone.

  • harry potter underwater

    You have reached the tournament where you have to swim very much under water. Be aware of the Merpeople, you will be held in deep water if you break her territory. Have fun with this game!

  • harry potter whomping willow

    Weasley is pulled from the living tree trying to destroy him. It is time for you to avoid the Whomping Willow branches. You must avoid his blows for 60 seconds.

  • magic puzzle harry potter
    Magic Puzzle

    It's time for a relaxing puzzle, after all spent with Harry Potter adventure. Select the picture you want to accomplish with the puzzle pieces. You are timed to achieve a high score.